Was Your Roof Damaged by a Recent Storm?

Catastrophic storms have played havoc with homes and businesses throughout NE Texas. Roofs have been damaged by hail, wind and water. When the skies have cleared the trouble has just begun, but Jordan Roofing is here to bring you through the storm.

Rest assured while we handle the entire process from full complimentary inspection to working with your insurance company to repair and replacement. 5-Star rated Jordan Roofing is your full service roofing contractor. We deal with the damage so you don’t have to.

We’re Here to Help Rebuild Your Home or Busniess’ Roof after the Storm!

Our experienced roofers are skilled in all aspects of storm damage repair from broken windows, cracked siding, and gutters to major catastrophes like a collapsed roofs.

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We Offer Peace of Mind with a Certified Roofing Inspection

Our certified roofers will guide you through the process, from the initial inspection to replacing or repairing your roof.

We Simplify the Claims Process for the Coverage You Deserve

We are here to help you through the claims process. Our roofers are professionally trained to work with insurance providers and secure a fair settlement for your insurance claim.

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FAQ’s: Storm Damage and Insurance Claims

Will Jordan Roofing Cover My Insurance Deductible?

Texas passed a new law in 2019 requiring property owners to pay the full insurance deductible when damages occur and a claim is processed.

This law is intended to help protect homeowners from fraudulent claims and to ensure that insurance companies are not taking advantage of their customers and applies to all types of property, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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What do I do if I Suspect Storm Damage?

  1. Contact your insurer to verify the terms of your insurance coverage.
  2. Schedule a thorough inspection of your roof, home and surrounding structures.
  3. Hire a licensed roofing contractor in your state.

Download Questions to Ask Any Roofing Contractor BEFORE You Let Them on Your Roof, provided by NTRCA – Consumer Resources.

What are the Benefits of a Storm Damage Inspection?

A certified roof inspection provides a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your roof. While there are many benefits to a certified roof inspection, here are the top six benefits:

  1. Identify potential safety hazards.
  2. Identify potential problems early and save you money.
  3. Increase selling potential with a certified roof inspection report in hand.
  4. Help to ensure that your warranty is honored.
  5. Avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements with an accurate damage assessment.
  6. Often required to support claims for roof repairs or replacements.

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If your home or business has been affected by storm damage, contact us today!

Our team of experts is here to help you get back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible. We will assess the damage, provide you with an estimate, and take action to restore your home or property.

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